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As Catholics, we always observe porkless days every Maundy Thursdays & Good Fridays.
And we are, until now. It's the least that we can do.
My wife prepared a menu of fish shanghai rolls with sweet & sour & sweet chili dips & sago't gulaman for lunch,
ginatan & turon for merienda, etc..

It's almost Good Friday as I write this, but I'm such a weakling. I can't resist to think of Pepper Lunch's Beef Pepper Rice meal!
Is it considered a sin or a shortcoming even just to entertain a thought of eating meat on Holy Days?
Anyway, my good Lord is always forgiving...
I'm not eating it anyway, not today, probably on Easter, or the coming week(s),  lol.

To satisfy my digestive cravings for PL, I'll just settle for posting our photos for now. 
Sigh...(that's really a big sacrifice on my part, lol)

that's my boy : my 4-year-old son Gabby smiles for PL =)              PL Shangri-la mall...

This one's a favorite !  I so like Beef Pepper Rice.                            After "sizzling it my way"...  
                                                                                                                     I got this plate for FREE after being one of PL's comment
Everyone's a chef in PL. You get to finish cooking your meal         card writer (i wrote a good review on the comment card) for
on a very hot plate & mix it with their sauces...                                   the month of February. It's nicer to eat a free meal, isn't it?
I like it with PL's honey brown sauce, hmmm, yum, yum !

My wife Tina ordered PL combo cut steaks & burger                           Pepper lunch is LOVE !
another hit meal from PL!                                                                          Our son Gabby with my lovely wife Tina : smile for the cam  before we eat!

And what happens if one's gastronomic craving is satisfied ?

my plate : gone in less than 3 minutes, whew! 

Till our next PL after abstinence...

docgelo =)


I consider myself optimistic, or at least I always try to be one.
Most people associate sunrise with positivism
& sunset as with the opposite.
But a lot of people see beauty in Manila Bay sunset.
And that’s something positive.
You can’t blame them.
It’s truly poetic.

In times when most things in Manila seem to go haywire,
it’s refreshing to look at its sunset once in a while.
Dusk for me is a promise of a new day…
And everyone will agree that we have the best in Manila Bay.
If only we can appreciate it,
even amidst financial & political crises,
we’ll be reminded that there’s so much more
to hope for.

I found myself one late afternoon along Baywalk in Roxas Boulevard, Manila.
And I surrendered to the fact that Manila Bay sunset is indeed breathtaking…


those kaleidoscope lamp posts in perfect queue at the promenade add colors to the twilight…

The graying Manila skyline is always worth your glimpse, isn’t it?



docgelo recommends...

Just disregard the insert ( to these photos, since I had them 1st in,
just feast your eyes on some of my favorites....

Mango Ciboust, Bizu. 
The fresh chilled mango petals are the sweetest; 
the cheesecake underneath is sublime! 

Beef Pepper Rice, Pepper Lunch
I like it so much I can even eat it daily !
The thinly sliced beef are so tender,
the PL honey brown sauce completes the Beef Pepper Rice experience!  

that's me & my 4-year-old son Gabby & lovely wife Tina @ PL Shangri-la
the family who eats PL together, stays happier !  


Seafood & japanese rolls from Circles Events Cafe,
Makati Shangri-la Hotel. 
the mussels is always a must-try! it's seasoned to perfection!   

I also like Umu japanese restaurant at Dusit Thani Hotel especially their Family Sunday Brunch which we already enjoyed.
It allows foodies to access 4 restaurants in Dusit, Umu, Basix, Benjarong & Tosca. (Japanese, Continental/Asian, Thai, Italian) plus a lot of freebies for kids. PhP 1450 nett per pax & kids below 5 years of age eat for free = a steal !!!
UMU japanese restaurant of Dusit Thani.
Teppanyaki from one of the stations of Umu.
If you crave for anything cooked in Teppan, this medley will send you to highest heavens!

At Pizza Hut Bistro, I like garlic shrimp & mushroom pasta = simply delicious!

Peking Duck & other chinese treats from soups to dimsum provides gastronomic satisfaction
from Edsa Shangri-la's HEAT buffet...


I never expected plain old cupcakes can be spruced up to become this sweet treats until I tasted Sonja's cupcakes at Serendra..

That will be all for now. This blogging makes me crave for more of these decadent treats & elevates my digestive cravings...




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Hello Lj !

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