living life beyond toxicity

18 September
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im a a registered physician who's into teaching medical-surgical topics in academe & review centers. im a father to Gabby, & a loving husband to Tina.
i like traveling; been to US, New Zealand, Thailand, Brunei, Hong Kong, and would want to explore & enjoy EUROPE one day. i'm a coffee addict, never start a day without it. i like to eat, i'd like to consider myself a foodie & a wannabe chef who doesn't frequent the kitchen that much, lol. for now, i'm happy being a food enthusiast. i'm a frustrated visual artist, wishes to be a violinist & play with an orchestra. i like anything asian but i embrace any culture.
i maintain a blog at http://docgelo.wordpress.com before i got an account here in Lj. i just created an account here to get to comment to Lj bloggers i visit.

Will appreciate if you drop by frequently...
God give us PEACE,